• the site for
    software developers
    using Sumex I ATL COM modules
    is a sweeping joint industry
    initiative by SUVA
  • It helps mastering the complexity
    of tariffs like Tarmed and
    the electronic billing system
  • All Software companies in the
    Healthcare sector can
    benefit from SUMEX I
  • due to easy useable black
    boxes for tariff validation
    and data generation
  • Sumex I implements the open
    Forum Datenaustausch standards

Late breaking news

labValidator: updated EAL tariff valid for 01.07.2024
migelValidator: updated MiGel tariffs 452 & 454 valid for 01.07.24

Want to get an overview about Sumex1 a deeper insight about the invoicing process the purpose of validators & xmlManagers started with the big picture ?

List of integrators