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The SUMEX I+ project is a sweeping joint industry initiative by SUVA. The project provides various ATL COM modules for software developers in the Swiss healthcare sector all based on an open modular architectural blueprint. It is intended by SUVA to help software developers and last but not least the Swiss healthcare providers mastering the complexity of the Tarmed tariff system and the new electronic billing system.

The SUMEX I+ project takes advantage of open standards like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards such as XML and XSD, http as transport protocol and Microsoft's COM component technology for its software repository.

Healthcare software companies of all sizes can benefit from SUMEX I+, because it comprehensively addresses and hides the fairly complex specifications and rule libraries of e.g. TARMED or the new XSD based invoice system as easy to use black boxes. There is no need for in-depth understanding of the invoice schema files - you simply start a module and load the data over the standardized interface.

SUVA as copyright holders and principal maintainers of the software have the very intention to supply state of the art modules that benefit all partners in the healthcare sector. You can trust their willingness to keep that project alive over years - you do not invest in a bush fire!

The site serves as the main information and distribution server for binary releases of the SUMEX I+ modules and as the repository of related XSD schema files used for the SUMEX I+ B2B transport, respectively.

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Late breaking news...
30.08.2017 - miscValidator200: developer-installer with preliminary version of tariffs 222, 223 and 322
19.09.2017 - generalFormRequest430: new build with a bug fix for the PDF form update - cf history