The drgValidator is an ATL COM module which provides methods to browse, query, and validate records against the selected DRG tariff catalog. The design goals of the module are to help you control the quality and standards compliance of the service records you construct.

When constructing a DRG record describing the applied service, this module provides the services you need to ensure that the record complies with the coding rules as defined by the selected DRG tariff catalog. Step-by-step checks can be made as the user enters each new piece of information. Query methods allow the construction of selection lists on the fly, such that the user can always be presented with an appropriate range of choices. A complete record can also be validated as a whole.

Please also have a look at the Important Documents that serves as a jump start and might effect the ease of the implementation.

Keyfacts at a glance

Last update:  Wednesday, 13 December 2023 - 10:35:26
Module version/date:  1.00.011 27 Jul 2023
Interface version/date:  1.00 27 Jul 2007
DB version/date: 1.06 18 Dec 2022
Covering: Tariff 010: swissDRG 12.0
Tariff 011: swissDRG Additions 12.0
Tariff 020: STReha 1.0
Tariff 030: TarPSY 4.0
Tariff 031: TarPSY Additions 4.0

Tariff browser for all DRG catalogs

The online browser for all DRG tariff catalogs allows you to browse, view, and check the tariff positions of all DRG catalogs. The drgValidator internally uses excactly this tariff on one of the given languages for its query and validating services.

Tariff browser per language

Date Language Description
12.12.23 German V1.06: View tariff browser with DRG tariffs
    V1.06: Download tariff browser .CHM file ( 2.74MB)
12.12.23 French V1.06: View tariff browser with DRG tariffs
    V1.06: Download tariff browser .CHM file ( 2.78MB)
12.12.23 Italian V1.06: View tariff browser with DRG tariffs
    V1.06: Download tariff browser .CHM file ( 2.71MB)

API browser

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll. Please note, that this documentation is included in the full installer in form of a .CHM file.

Date Time API version
03.05.22 10:57:37 V1.00: View API browser
03.05.22 10:57:37 V1.00: Download API browser .CHM file

Download area for drgValidator related files

Important note: the "Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider" while a neccessary part of the drgValidator dll is not part of any installer! If you have not installed the "Jet OLE DB Provider" driver yet then go to the Microsoft Support Center to download the neccessary file.

Date Version Description
13.12.23 1.00.011 drgValidator with updated DRG/STReha/tarPSY tariffs valid for 1.1.2024 - cf. history
Download drgValidator installer (82.8 MB)
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