Ever asked yourself how all these tariff catalogs, COM modules, XML schema files and documentation are kept up-to-date?
The netUpdate package is an optional part of the Sumex1 installation and allows for an automatic update-on-demand for all supported modules including tariff databases at the end-user's premise.

Architectural blueprint

All hosts in a LAN are updated in the same sweep by using a interprocess communication. The latest updates are searched on the fly using an existing internet connection. Once installed the netUpdate package can update itself thus always being recent.
The netUpdate package is copyrighted by TMR AG and not part of the regular Sumex1 modules.

Keyfacts at a glance

Version 100
Last update:  Tuesday, 17 May 2005 - 08:50:58
Module version/date:  1.00.002 5 Nov 2004
Interface version/date: 1.00 28 Apr 2003
Covering: XML schema 1.00 from 28 Apr 2003


The netUpdate developer manual as well as the application manual are available in PDF format

Date Time Manual
16.10.17 10:00:16 netUpdate developer manual
16.10.17 10:00:16 netUpdate application manual
netUpdate_def.xsd schema file
netUpdate_upd.xsd schema file

Download area for netUpdate related files

Date Version Description
17.05.05 1.00.002 netUpdate installer including all bug fixes
Download netUpdate installer (2.6 MB)
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