API browser of pushAdminMessage450 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png IPushAdminMessageManager interface V4.50/ 1 Nov 2019 
The IPushAdminMessageManager interface provides all the necessary methods to produce administrative messages of type pushAdminMessage_450.
Firstly, an instance of the IPushAdminMessageRequest interface is created by the GetPushAdminMessageRequest property. All the administrative data and parameters can be set by the supplied interface methods like SetPatient, SetMessage4Stationary,...
After all information is defined the administrative message object is printed or a XML infoset is produced which can be electronically transported to a recipient. In the latter case the infoset optionally can be signed and/or encrypted .
/images/arrow_right.png Methods 8 methods
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetLogSettings Get the log settings for the module.
GetXML The GetXML method generates the XML infoset based on the data of the IPushAdminMessageRequest interface and the XML generation attributes, validates the XML against the XSD schema, and stores the XML content as UTF8 file in the internal working directory
LoadXML Loads a previously generated XML infoset back into memory for further processing via the returned interface handles
Print The Print method validates the defined administrative message data and prints the request on the local printer
PrintAdjust Shows the print object adjustment dialog that allows to move print objects of a .vps report generator file
PrintSetup Shows the printer setup dialog that allows to define the printer and its settings
SetLogSettings Sets the log setting preferences for the module
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 5 properties
[get/put] ModuleLanguage Get/Set the language for the module i.e
[get] ModuleVersion Get the version of the PushAdminMessageManager module.
[get] ModuleVersionText Get the version of the PushAdminMessageManager module in textual form.
[get/put] Modus Gets/Sets the operation modus of the module
[get] PushAdminMessageRequest Gets the IPushAdminMessageRequest interface instance