API browser of statusRequest430 COM module
Interface version: 4.30
Interface date: 26 Aug 2010

The StatusRequestManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods to query the current processing status of credit, invoice, reminder, and/or MCD request objects at an insurance's site. The number of object references is limited and of course the request is process asynchronously.

The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".

If an insurance decides not to support the statusRequest/statusResponse system then a StatusResponse is
returned where each given object reference has a status "unsupported". This status
code basically signals that a status system is not implemented!

/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 3 interface
IStatusRequest With the IStatusRequest interface all the query objects as well as the transport/routing information can be set by the interface's methods like AddQueryObject, SetTransport, etc.
IStatusRequestManager The main interface IStatusRequestManager -creatable in its own right- provides methods to formulate a XML infosets of type statusRequest_430
IStatusResult The interface IStatusResult allows to read back all data that have been set by the IStatusRequest interface or loaded back with IStatusRequestManager::LoadXML method.
/images/arrow_right.png Types
type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document General usage of the statusRequest COM module - an overview
Document VB code snippet for using the statusRequest COM module
Document Overview of the concept of "Object reference"