Rollout of final versions of SUMEX1 modules

Monday, 2 September 2002

We are pleased to announce the rollout of the final versions of all COM ATL modules of the SUMEX 1+ modules.

Since the interfaces of all modules have changed, all modules must be downloaded to work correctly!

In order to make the download easier we have generated a "super-installer" including all projects in all languages mirrored on a T3 line:
Please note, that
  • the italian and french version of the paper based invoice is still in german as the language-correct invoice forms are not yet approved by the tariff partners.
  • the italian version of the Tarmed database V1.1 is still not yet available! we therefore supplied the italian tarmedValidator module using the german database (as soon as the italian database is available -in november??- we will let you know. One can than only exchange the database or let the netUpdater handle the job.
  • the MediPort connection has been tested thoroughly and should work even so some methods are only implemented as dummies yet.

Future steps...
  • we will deliver the additional ATL COM drugInfoMapper module in the drug area allowing to search and browse for all pharmaceuticals of the SL and NL domain (pharma codes, ean codes, type,...) - see note, availability october
  • we will deliver the mdInvoiceResponseManager, closing the electronic invoice cycle, availability october
  • we will deliver the cancelRequestManager and cancelResponseManager, respectively to cancel an invoice sent to the intermediate. availability october
  • we will activate the netUpdate package thus allowing then a easier update process even for developers, availability september

Best regards