New builds of all Sumex1 invoice modules

Sunday, 24 April 2005

New builds of the all Sumex1+ invoice modules are available as installers and/or netUpdate - cf. the revision history for a description of the new features.
Please note that new features have been integrated, therefore the integration of these builds is not strictly required (there are no bug fixes)
  1. hospitalInvoiceRequestManager V3.0 & V4.0
  2. hospitalInvoiceResponseManager V3.0 & V4.0
  3. mdInvoiceRequestManager V3.0 & V4.0
  4. mdInvoiceResponseManager V3.0 & V4.0
  5. reminderRequestManager V3.0 & V4.0
  6. reminderResponseManager V3.0 & V4.0