Announcement of new XML standards and COM modules...

Friday, 3 September 2010
The Forum Datenaustausch has endorsed new XML standards and print templates on its plenary meeting of 26 August 2010.
These standards are
  • generalInvoiceRequest_430.xsd and generalInvoiceResponse_430.xsd
  • hospitalMCDRequest_430.xsd and hospitalMCDResponse_430.xsd
  • statusRequest_430.xsd and statusResponse_430.xsd
The standards become productive on 1st January 2011
What does that mean?
  • generalInvoiceRequest_430.xsd and generalInvoiceResponse_430.xsd
    This is the new invoicing request/response system for all roles and places. The schemas cover the invoice, reminder, and credit advice processes. By using the processing attribute storno the cancel process is represented as well - all in one standard.
    These standards are the replacement for all older invoicing standards.
  • hospitalMCDRequest_430.xsd and hospitalMCDResponse_430.xsd
    This request/response system allows to generate Minimal Clinical Datasets (MCD) and to analyze the corresponding responses. The MCD is basically the required input to a DRG grouper software. Therefore the system is used solemnly in a hospital environment with stationary treatment type.
    This is a new standard without predecessors.
  • statusRequest_430.xsd and statusResponse_430.xsd
    This request/response system allows querying the status of an invoice, reminder, and MCD object at insurance's site. The returned status codes are fine-graded such as to allowed e.g. for qualified decisions in the dunning process.
    This is a new standard without predecessors.
Sumex1 coverage...
Each new standard is covered by a corresponding Sumex1 request/response COM module with a version V4.3 as well, namely
Whereas the XML standards and print templates are approve the interfaces of these COM modules are not yet!
All V4.3 COM modules are kept on a beta level up to 15 December 2010.

Furthermore all developers are very welcomed to submit bugs, criticism, and suggestions regarding the interface and their methods.

To get a starting point study the .CHM help files. Especially pay attention to the documents on the very first page under the label
«Important information about the usage and handling of the module».

Major changes of the generalInvoice COM modules to previous versions

  • All invoicing activities (invoice, reminder, cancel) are covered by an all-in-one COM module (and XML standard that is)
  • Optional signature and encryption
  • Unbundling of XML generation and transport as the COM modules do the first but not the latter
  • Request and Result interfaces are symmetric, previously generated XML files are re-loadable
  • Process of adding service records is simplified

Is the 1st January 2011 a deadline?

Even so the XML standards become productive beginning of 2011 various insurances will not be ready to process the new standards!
It is a much safer assumption to begin with V4.3 XML generation after the 1st April 2011!

The transition period for adopting V4.3 is beginning of 2012.