Important information about V4.3 Sumex1 COM modules

Friday, 24 December 2010

The 1st of January is the official start date of all V4.3 XML versions. However, neither an intermediate nor insurance is ready to process these XML files before the 1st of April. Furthermore, it seems that some insurances will not be ready before the 1st of January 2012!

As a consequence we will

  • elongate the beta development status of all V4.30 modules until the beginning of March
  • publish a new beta version of all V4.3 COM modules at the beginning of January

The generalInvoiceRequest430 / generalInvoiceResponse430 modules will be enhanced by
  • a transparent upgrade function allowing to read all V4.0 and V4.1 XML files and transform these to V4.3
  • a transparent downgrade function allowing to generate either V4.3 files or downgrade to V4.0, V4.1 files, respectively.
    The decision process is implicit and based on a white list of insurances ready to process V4.3. If an insurance EAN is not in the list there is an automatic downgrade. The white list itself is maintained by Suva.

By implementing these measures all developers can use V4.3 COM modules with a transparent migration path to V4.3 over time.

We hope that the developer community approves this decision.
Best regards and a Happy New Year