Announcement of the beta test phase for the miscValidator200 module

Friday, 2 May 2014

The miscValidator200 COM module is the next generation multi-tariff validator that supersedes the
physioValidator and the miscValidator100. The new validator includes several tariffs, namely

  • physio tariff 331 for physiotherapists
  • physio tariff 553 for hospitals
  • chiropractor tariff 324
  • chiropractor tariff 424
  • spitex tariff 532
  • KIMSA tariff S01

It is the goal to include many more tariffs as time comes whereas the COM interface stays stable. So the
incorporation of new tariffs is done without any need for programming. To get started with the new validator study
Please note that any error messages and rules are not yet localised but are only in German.
Of course, this will be changed in the final version.

This beta test phase terminates on 23rd of May - please report any problems you encounter to

After any changes have been included, the final version of miscValidator200 is published = possibly on the 28th of May!

Once the final version of miscValidator200 is published the use of physioValidator100 & miscValidator100 is deprecated
and support for the two validators will end in December 2015!