Change of used installer technology


Tuesday, 3th May 2016


Starting on Monday, 9th of May the installers published on will undergo a major overhaul. Due to tightened security requirements
and restrictions, the legacy InstallShield based installers will be replaced by MSI-based signed executables.

There will be absolutely no changes in the publication process and the manual installation of these installers.
However, the major consequence of this change is that silent and unattended installs becoming available in a standardized manner due to
the MSI technology used. A silent install with the new installer can be performed by passing valid parameters for msiexec.exe as value of
the /v parameter of the installation executable.

The example below demonstrates how a silent install of the tarmedValidator or generalFormRequest module can be performed.
Run the following commands on an administrator shell:

tarmedValidator.exe /v"/q INSTALLDIR=c:\sumex1\validators\tarmedValidator"
generalFormRequest.exe /v”/q INSTALLDIR=c:\sumex1\xmlManagers\generalFormRequest
Note, that all needed parameters in the silent install case are defined on the download page of the corresponding module.