Tarmed 1.09 tariff: Federal Council adopts the amendment to the regulations as of 1st January 2018...


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Federal Council has formally implemented the basic decision of mid-August regarding tariff TARMED. At its meeting of 18th October 2017, he adopted the amendment to the regulation on the definition and adjustment of tariff structures in health insurance.

From the Sumex1 point of view, the integration of the tariff Tarmed 1.09 and its accompanying rule set into the tarmedValidator is started now. An implementation time of at least 2 weeks must be expected. As soon as the integration work is finished, you will be notified via the Sumex1 news feed.

Currently we assume that only minimal or none re-programming
will be necessary for the main software to integrate the Tarmed 1.09  -  this is Sumex1