General use of the generalCreditRequest ATL COM module

The IGeneralCreditRequestManager interface provides all the necessary methods to produce a credit for all roles and places.

Firstly, an instance of the IGeneralCreditRequest interface is created by the GeneralCreditRequest property. All the credit related data and parameters can be set by the supplied interface methods like SetPatient, SetTreatment,...

The auxiliary interface IAddress is available for setting/getting structured addresses.

After all information is defined the credit is printed or a XML infoset is produced which can be electronically transported to the recipient. In the latter case the credit optionally can be signed and/or encrypted .

Due to he processing attributes "storno" and "copy" a previously generated credit can be canceled or a copy can be produced (cf. Notes about processing attributes).

To get a staring point there is a Visual Basic code snippet provided that can be used for using the generalCreditRequest module.