API browser of generalCreditResponse430 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralCreditResponseManager::Print method
The Print method prints the response on the local printer or displays the response as a preview. The printer selection is done via the used report generator template file. If the template file was not connected to a printer with the PrintSetup method then the default printer with its default settings is used.

The bstrPrintTemplate variable obeys a special syntax and can optionally be used to set special print commands like producing PDFs or changing print objects dynamically.
IMPORTANT LICENSE NOTE The report engine used is Hexatech's ViewPro (www.hexatech.com). If you supply your own template files then you must have your own ViewPro license. By using this COM module you implicitly agree upon this restriction!!

/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ calling syntax
/images/arrow_right.png Calling argument description
[in] BSTR bstrPrintTemplate bstrPrintTemplate is either empty or of the general form given below.

If the bstrPrintTemplate variable is empty then the default print template (using the data language as language switch - see below) is used.
However, bstrPrintTemplate can be used to change the normal printing behavior or changing printing objects dynamically.
The following syntax is used as content of the bstrPrintTemplate variable:


where a [] pair defines an optional part. The commands are case insensitive.
  • logTpl: is the logical template name where just one template name is defined: detail.
  • objectName1=text; does a substitution of the content of the print object objectName1 by the given text. A print object is terminated by a semicolon and all
    print objects together are enclosed in a () pair.

    There is a predefined pseudo print object with a special meaning:

    • PDF for generating PDF files

  • printTemplateFile is an external print template file name (full path + name!). If an external print template is supplied it must be mapped
    against a logical template. Therefore detail=full_vps_file must be used!
  • #INIPATH=inipath defines a fully qualified path to a directory where the report engine searches the corresponding .vpd
    print template INI file. This allows for global settings of a print template in a LAN. The default inipath is the install directory
    of the Dll
[in] YesNoType ePrintPreview A Boolean that defines if print preview is used (enYes) or printing is done (enNo)
[out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *pbStatus Return status of the method. If pbStatus is VARIANT_FALSE then an error occurred and GetAbortInfo should be called to retrieve the error string.
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ return value
S_OK This value is returned if the function call was successful or if the return value of a boolean method signalling a true value. In this case the VARIANT_BOOL is set to VARIANT_TRUE.
S_FALSE This is the return value of a boolean method signalling a false return value. In this case the VARIANT_BOOL is set to VARIANT_FALSE.
E_name This value is returned if the function call was unsuccessful and an error exception was generated. Note that if you are using SmartPointers an exception is thrown under these conditions.