API browser of generalCreditResponse450 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralCreditResponseManager interface V4.50/ 1 Nov 2019 
The IGeneralCreditResponseManager provides methods to load and analyze XML infosets of type generalCreditResponse_450. These infosets are responses to a previously sent "general credit" requests where the topmost object reference defines the target request. The loaded data can be printed out and/or retrieved with the returned IGeneralCreditResponse interface.

The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 8 methods
GetAbortInfo Gets the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetLogSettings Get the log settings for the module.
GetXMLInfo Preloads and analyzes a XML infoset regarding the accepted schema versions and other important information like the encryption status
LoadXML Loads a received XML infoset back into memory for further processing via the returned interface instance
Print The Print method is a visualization aid to preview/print the currently loaded data on screen or onto the local printer
PrintAdjust Shows the print object adjustment dialog that allows to move print objects of a .vps report generator file
PrintSetup Shows the printer setup dialog that allows to define the printer and its settings
SetLogSettings Sets the log settings for the module
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 3 properties
[get/put] ModuleLanguage Gets/Sets the language for the module i.e
[get] ModuleVersion Gets the version of the GeneralCreditResponseManager module.
[get] ModuleVersionText Gets the version of the GeneralCreditResponseManager module in textual form.