General use of the generalCreditRequest ATL COM module

The generalCreditResponse provides all the necessary tools for loading and thereafter analyzing XML infosets of type generalCreditResponse_450. These infosets are responses to a previously sent credit requests where the topmost object reference defines target request/response. The generalCreditResponse handles all roles and places.
The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".
To get the results of such an infoset, firstly the XML file is loaded into the module by the IGeneralCreditResponseManager::LoadXML method. Upon successful analyzing the file the method returns a IGeneralCreditResponse interface. All response data and parameters of one credit can be retrieved by the supplied interface methods as e.g. IGeneralCreditResponse:GetPatient,...
The IGeneralCreditResponseManager::Print method can be used to visualize the whole response content.
An auxiliary interface IAddress is available for getting the address related data in a structured way.

To get a staring point there is a Visual Basic code snippet provided that can be used for using the generalCreditResponse module.