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/images/arrow_right.png IForms interface V4.30/ 7 Sep 2011 
The IForms interface serves 2 purposes:
  1. The IForms::Search method searches and the iterator pair IForms::GetFirstObject / IForms::GetNextObject retrieve the found form space records. The form space is a hierarchical tree structure consisting of descriptive nodes. Each node in turn can hold other descriptive nodes and PDF form template files. Thus the form space is a concept to group the PDF forms inside a logical, hierarchical structure.

    Each node and leaf of the form space is described by a mandatory medForms OID, a name, a Boolean value if it is a node or a leaf, and an optional UID, where UID stands for the unique company specific ID assigned by the Federal Statistical Office. The given OID always stems from the medForms OID space and is supplied in its shortened form e.g. medforms.20.30.5050, where «medforms» is the abbreviation for the medForms base OID

  2. The IForms::StartUpdate / IForms::UpdateStatus methods allow to update and extend the above mentioned form space as well as the PDF forms itself. The asynchronous update process can be started at any time, concurrently to the normal processing. However, the COM module starts the process automatically if the last update is older than 14 days.
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GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetFirstObject Retrieves the first form space record
GetNextObject Retrieves the next form space record
GetObjectInfo The GetObjectInfo method returns information about a given a medForms OID either in its full or shortened form.
Search The Search method allows to search the form space by using a combination of search criteria
StartUpdate Starts an update process in an asynchronous concurrent mode that updates the form structure (given by the forms database) as well as the PDF forms, but not the COM module itself
UpdateStatus Supplies progress information about a potentially running update process
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