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/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralFormRequestManager interface V4.50/ 2 Sep 2016 
The IGeneralFormRequestManager interface provides all the necessary tools to produce a filled out PDF form or a XML infoset either of type generalFormRequest_450 or its predecessor generalFormRequest_430.

Firstly, an appropriate data file must be loaded, where the following types are suitable:

  • a medForms OID
  • an already saved PDF form, that can further be refined
  • an already produced XML infoset of type generalFormRequest_450 or generalFormRequest_430
If the loading process is successful an instance of both the IGeneralFormRequest and the IGeneralFormResult interface is returned. These interfaces can be used to preset the semantically well-known data (IGeneralFormRequest) or retrieved the loaded data (IGeneralFormResult).

After all data is preset -primarily the semantically well-known addresses and structures- a data finalization and visualization step is run, where the PDF form with the preset data is presented to the user using Acrobat Reader. This finalization is done under the assumption, that any missing and needed variable is inserted/modified by the user directly. As a consequence there is no paradigm of "completeness" and "100% preset capability" requested in this form management. After the user-driven review and modification process the final PDF form and/or XML infoset is produced by the GetPDF and/or GetXML methods, respectively.

Due to the processing attributes "storno" and "copy" a previously generated and sent XML infoset can be canceled or a copy can be produced (cf. Notes about processing attributes).

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 7 methods
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetLogSettings Get the log settings for the module.
GetPDF The GetPDF method returns the final PDF form
GetXML The GetXML method generates the XML infoset based the currently loaded and reviewed PDF form and the XML generation attributes
LoadPDF Loads either a previously saved PDF form or PDF form template into memory for further processing and refinement via the returned interface handles
LoadXML Loads a previously generated XML infoset of type generalFormRequest_430.xsd or generalNotification_430.xsd back into memory for further processing and refinement via the returned interface handles.
SetLogSettings Set the log settings for the module
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 5 properties
[get] Forms The GetForms property returns an instance of the IForms interface
[get/put] ModuleLanguage Get/Set the language for the module i.e
[get] ModuleVersion Get the version of the GeneralFormRequestManager module.
[get] ModuleVersionText Get the textual version of the GeneralFormRequestManager module.
[get/put] Modus Get the operation modus