Changes from V4.30 to V4.50...

The following list shows how the transition from V4.30 to V4.50 must be made in terms of new, changed, and deleted interface methods a/o arguments.

To ease the spreading towards the new COM module even if the readiness at intermediates and insurances is yet unknown, this new version natively can load, print and generate the V4.50 as well as its predecessor, namely V4.30. So the implementation can be done now and the activation of the V4.50 standard afterwards!

  changed:   The IGeneralFormResponseManager::LoadXML(...) method can natively load XML infosets of type generalFormResponse_450.xsd and generalFormResponse_430.xsd.
  changed:   The IGeneralFormResponseManager::Print(...) method can natively print responses of type generalFormResponse_450.xsd and generalFormResponse_430.xsd.  
  new:   The iterator pair IGeneralFormResponse::GetFirstDocument(...) / IGeneralFormResponse::GetNextDocument(...) was included to retrieve added documents of type JPG, PNG, or PDF  
    no changes