API browser of generalInvoiceRequest450 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png generationAttributes enumeration type
List of options with which the standard generation of the XML infoset and/or print process can be oversteered. space
Set of enumeration values 18 elements
enExcludeESRInPrint: 1 Exclude all ESR parts from printing
enExcludeCreditorInPrint: 2 Exclude the creditor's address from printing
enExcludeCreditorNameInPrint: 4 Exclude the creditor's name and first name/department from printing
enExcludeBankInPrint: 8 Exclude the bank's address (if defined) from printing
enExcludeBankNameInPrint: 16 Exclude the bank name and department from printing. The postal part (if defined) is printed
enExcludeDebitorInPrint: 32 Exclude the debitor's address from printing
enExcludeDebitorNameInPrint: 64 Exclude the debitor's name and first name/department from printing
enExcludeAccountingInPrint: 128 Exclude the accounting data outside the ESR coding lines from printing
enExcludeCodinglinesInPrint: 256 Exclude the ESR coding line(s) from printing
enExcludeAmountInPrint: 512 Exclude the amount from printing.

Note that this is not the same as settings an ESR+ method (ESR without amount) since the amount is still coded into the ESR coding line.

enExcludeRemarksInPrint: 1024 Exclude the remarks (if defined) from printing.

This is only relevant for enRedPayinSlip and enRedPayinSlipQR

enIncludeInFavorOfInPrint: 4096 Include the 'in favor of' title in the printing
enIncludeGeometryInPrint: 8192 Include the ESR/ES geometry in the printing.

This option in principle qualifies for "home invoicing". However, most debitors do no possess a color printer allowing to print the geometry bleed-off. Thus the standard compliance can not be guaranteed.

enExcludeQRPaymentMarkingInPrint: 16384 Exclude the A6 marking of the new ESR-QR in printing due to a pre-printed invoice sheet with a perforation of that A6 part.
enGenerateXMLWithoutDocuments: 65536 The XML infoset is generated without any documents even if such documents have been added in the IGeneralInvoiceRequest::AddDocument method.
enGenerateXMLWithoutSignature: 131072 The XML infoset is generated without applying a signature even if the signature parameters have been set in the IGeneralInvoiceRequest::SetTransport method.
enGenerateXMLWithoutEncryption: 262144 The XML infoset is generated without applying encryption even if the encryption parameters have been set in the IGeneralInvoiceRequest::SetTransport method.
enGenerateDowngradeToV440: 1048576 The XML infoset or print output of type generalInvoiceRequest_440 is generated (a downgrade is performed) instead of the standard type generalInvoiceRequest_450. This explicitly implies that any data unusable for the downgraded standard is silently discarded.