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/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralNotificationResponse interface V4.51/28 Sep 2018 
The IGeneralNotificationResponse interface allows to read back all data that either have been set by the methods of the IGeneralInvoiceRequest interface or have been loaded by the IGeneralNotificationManager::LoadXML method. space
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GetAbortInfo Gets the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetFirstDocument Retrieves the first document from the list of documents
GetFirstInstruction Retrieves the first instruction as token/value pair
GetFirstMessage Retrieves the first notification message
GetLaw Retrieves the data about the applied law and its dependent information
GetNextDocument Retrieves the next document from the list of documents
GetNextInstruction Retrieves the next instruction as token/value pair
GetNextMessage Retrieves the next notification message
GetNotification Retrieves the main notification object reference parameters
GetPatient Retrieves the primary parameters (sex, birth date, SSN,...) and structured address of the patient
GetRecipient Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the recipient
GetRefObject Retrieves the dependent object reference parameters if any was defined
GetRequest Retrieves some basic parameters like the data language or the confidentiality status of the notification.
GetSender Retrieves the various identifiers (EAN, ZSR,...) and the structured address of the sender
GetTransport Returns the transport information that is the routing information going from a sender (from) over at least one intermediate (via) to the receiver (to)
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