General use of the generalNotification ATL COM module

The generalNotificationManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods the generate an email like structured message exchange between to partners. The produced XML infoset is transported electronically to the recipient and can optionally can be signed and/or encrypted.

Architectural blueprint
Either a new notification is produced from scratch by using the IGeneralNotificationRequest interface or a received notification is loaded into the module by the LoadXML method and a reply to that message is generated thereafter. The all data can be visualized using the Print method.
New notification
To produce such an infoset, firstly an instance of the IGeneralNotificationRequest interface is retrieved by the property IGeneralNotificationManager::GetGeneralNotificationRequest. Thereafter the relevant data is set.

Reply to a notification
Firstly load the XML infoset by calling the IGeneralNotificationManager::LoadXML method. To view the data call the IGeneralNotificationManager::Print method. And lastly set a reply by using the IGeneralNotificationRequest::SetReply method.

After all information is defined the data can be visualized by using the IGeneralNotificationManager::Print method. Eventually the data is transformed into a standards-compliant generalNotification XML infoset that is sent to the recipient over a intermediate.

To get a staring point with the generalNotification module there is a Visual Basic code snippet provided that can be used for generating a notification.