How to print webstamps onto a MCD request

To print a webstamp onto a MCD request in the hospitalMCDRequestManager use a special print object name (cf. Syntax of the printTemplate variable for an overview).

as a print object name on the printTemplate variable of the Print method.

In its simplest form e.g. in the HospitalMCDRequestManager code this means

     BSTR bstrPrintTemplate = "(WEBSTAMP="+bstrBMPFile+";)";
in order to print a webstamp onto the first MCD page.

Since the webstamp printing is not the main purpose of the Print method this feature has NO error propagation. The generation is done on a best effort basis, errors are only dumped to the log file!

Boundary conditions:

  • No error propagation
  • The supplied BMP webstamp must exist