General use of the pushAdminMessage ATL COM module

The pushAdminMessageManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods to generate administrative messages like the starting or ending of a treatment. Such an administrative message is printed or a XML infoset is produced and pushed electronically to a recipient. In the latter case the info object optionally can be signed and/or encrypted. It is a design goal to keep the message parsing system standard minimal and thus to guarantee a very low-threshold and agile implementation.

To produce such an infoset, firstly an instance of the IPushAdminMessageRequest interface is retrieved by the property IPushAdminMessageManager::GetPushAdminMessageRequest. All the requested addresses and the primary administrative message can be set and defined by the supplied interface methods as SetPatient, SetMessage4Stationary,... The transport/routing information is set by the SetTransport method, whereas the reachability problem can be overcome by internally using the medSRS RESTful webservice queryRHS().

After all data are set, a XML file with a pushAdminMessage XML infoset is generated by the GetXML method. All data that was set via the IPushAdminMessageRequest interface can be read back with the IPushAdminMessageResult interface.

To get a starting point with the pushAdminMessageManager module there is a Visual Basic code snippet provided that demonstrates the principles for generating an administrative message XML infoset.