API browser of pushAdminMessage450 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png IPushAdminMessageRequest::SetMessage4Stationary method
Sets and defines the primary administrative message parameters for a stationary treatment. space
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ calling syntax
HRESULT SetMessage4Stationary( MessageActionType
/images/arrow_right.png Calling argument description
[in] MessageActionType eMessageAction The message action is the principle action of message encoded by the MessageActionType enumeration
[in] DATE dMessageDate The message date is the date and time when the message's action is performed/defined almost like 'message_type::message_action@message_date'
[in] TreatmentReasonType eTreatmentReason The treatment reason given by the TreatmentReasonType enumeration
[in] HospitalizationType eHospitalizationType The type/reason of hospitalization given by the HospitalizationType enumeration
[in] HospitalizationModeType eHospitalizationMode The mode/indication of hospitalization given by the HospitalizationMode enumeration.
[in] HospitalizationClassType eHospitalizationClass The hospitalization class given by the HospitalizationClass enumeration.
[in] BSTR bstrSectionMajor The optional Major BfS Section Code as defined by Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Note that depending on the message action this is the admission or discharge section.
[in] BSTR bstrBfSResidenceCode The optional BfS Residence Code supplies information about a BfS-coded residence where the patient is coming from or going to dependent on the message's action.
The attribute is formatted as bfs_residence_code=value, where bfs_residence_code is a variable of the medical statistics specification defined by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office and the value is a legal datum of its variable space, e.g.
"1.2.V02=3" for defining the residence before admission=nursing home  or  "1.5.V03=1" for defining the residence after discharge=home.
Please note, that the content is neither case-sensitive nor whitespace-dependent.
[out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *pbStatus Return status of the method. If pbStatus is VARIANT_FALSE then an error occurred and GetAbortInfo should be called to retrieve the error string.
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ return value
S_OK This value is returned if the function call was successful or if the return value of a boolean method signalling a true value. In this case the VARIANT_BOOL is set to VARIANT_TRUE.
S_FALSE This is the return value of a boolean method signalling a false return value. In this case the VARIANT_BOOL is set to VARIANT_FALSE.
E_name This value is returned if the function call was unsuccessful and an error exception was generated. Note that if you are using SmartPointers an exception is thrown under these conditions.