API browser of pushAdminMessage450 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png Builtin, composite & enumeration types V4.50/ 1 Nov 2019 
The following list shows ans defines all used data types either basic builtin, composite or enumeration types that are used in the interface of the ATL COM module. space
/images/arrow_right.png Data types 22 types
[enumeration] AddressType Enumerates the defined types of addresses.
[builtin] BSTR A BSTR, known as basic string or binary string, is a pointer to a wide character string used by Automation data manipulation functions
[builtin] DATE DATE is denoting a date and time represented by a double-precision number, where midnight, January 1st, 1900 has the value 2.0, January 2nd, 1900 is 3.0, and so on.
[enumeration] generationAttributes List of options with which the standard generation of the XML infoset and/or print process can be oversteered.
[enumeration] HospitalizationClassType Enumerates the defined classes/types of hospitalization
[enumeration] HospitalizationModeType Enumerates the defined modes/indications of the hospitalization
[enumeration] HospitalizationType Enumerates the defined types/reasons of the hospitalization
[builtin] HRESULT The HRESULT data type is a 32-bit value that is used to describe an error or warning
[builtin] IAddress The IAddress interface object
[builtin] IPushAdminMessageRequest The IPushAdminMessageRequest interface object
[builtin] IPushAdminMessageResult The IPushAdminMessageResult interface object
[enumeration] LanguageType Enumerates all supported languages.
[enumeration] LawType Enumerates the supported legal law set.
[builtin] long A 4-byte integer value.
[enumeration] MessageActionType Enumerates the defined message actions
[enumeration] MessageType Enumerates the defined principle message types
[enumeration] ModusType Enumerates the defined operation modus types
[enumeration] SexType Enumerates the defined basic gender types.
[enumeration] TreatmentReasonType Enumerates the list of defined treatment reasons.
[enumeration] TreatmentType Enumerates the top level treatment types.
[builtin] VARIANT_BOOL A 16 bit Boolean (True/False) value was specified
[enumeration] YesNoType Boolean enumerator.