How to print a stamp onto an invoice/credit request

To print a webstamp onto an invoice or credit request in a xmlManager use
as an object name in the Print method.

In its simplest form e.g. in the MDInvoiceRequestManager code

     BSTR bstrPrintTemplate = "(WEBSTAMP=C:\\stamps\\stamp_1242187_81_1_100_1235887891_74x35.bmp;)";
to print a webstamp onto the first invoice (onto "TP Rechnung" in the TP case or onto "Patienten-Rechnung" in the TG case).
If a webstamp should be printed on all invoices of a TG case ("Patienten-Rechnung" and "Rückerstattungsbeleg") then produce a comma separated list of BMP stamp files e.g.