API browser of webstampManager400 COM module
Interface version: 4.00
Interface date: 9 Oct 2007

The WebstampManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods to generate electronic stamps as BMP files suitable to stamp print matters.

The WebstampManager is based on the newest generation of the Swiss Post's webstamp functionality. Although the module is independent of the Sumex1 xmlManager modules, these were updated accordingly to process such webstamp files via the Print method (cf. below "How to print a stamp onto an invoice/credit/reminder request form").

Prerequisites for the usage of WebstampManager:

  • HTTP connection to the internet on port 80
  • A valid account for Webstamps on the Swiss Post's site.
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IWebstampManager Main stamp generator interface
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Document General usage of the webstampManager400 COM module - an overview
Document VB code snippet for using the webstampManager400 COM module
Document How to print a stamp onto an invoice/credit request