Publication announcement of Sumex1 modules V450/V451

Friday, 16 June 2017

After some long awaited information regarding the new payment standards are now available, all new Sumex1 modules V450 are officially published. Since swissDRG changed relevant rules for MCD processing in 2018, the MCD V450 standards needed an update before its publication and thus the MCD standard V451 were produced as successor.

While the overwhelming majority of the new standards have undergone only modest changes (incorporation of attachments of Base64 encoded documents to the main XML document), the new invoice/reminder standard was affected by major changes and optimizations. The most significant of these is the insertion of the new payment standard, based on the 2D QR code. With the latter, the transition to the new payment system, starting early 2019, is already a feature today and accessible "on demand" as soon as the new parameters are inputted.

What does that mean - what should you do?
Are all partners in the communication chain ready to go?
The degree of standard compliance among the intermediates is currently unclear, while according to unofficial information most of the cost bearers/insurances are not ready before October 2017.

To ease the migration towards the new standards, all new modules V450/V451 have native support regarding loading, printing, and generating for V450/V451 as well as for its predecessors. Therefore, the implementation can be started now running the modules in downgrade mode until the V450 standards have full coverage throughout Switzerland.