API browser of miscValidator200 COM module
Interface version: 2.00
Interface date: 1 May 2014

The miscValidator200 is an ATL COM module which provides methods to browse, search, and validate services from various included tariff catalogs. Provisions are made to browse these tariff catalogs and to retrieve possible restrictions in the usage of these tariff catalogs. space
/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 4 interface
IChapter Search and browse functionality of chapters over all included tariff catalogs
IMiscValidator Main interface for the database handling and global parameter settings
ISearch Search and browse functionality of services over all included tariff catalogs
IValidate Validation of services according to the rules
/images/arrow_right.png Types
type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document General usage of the miscValidator200 COM module - an overview
Document What to do in a 64bit environment - is there a 64bit Sumex1 COM dll?
Document VB code snippet for using the miscValidator200 COM module