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/images/arrow_right.png ICatalog interface V1.00/30 Aug 2002 
The ICatalog interface allows the retrieval of catalog information from the Tarmed database. This information is most commonly used for populating lists or combo boxes, from which a user will select Tarmed service codes and/or options. The selected catalog entry can then be used as input for other interfaces.

All methods fill the pbStatus variable with VARIANT_TRUE, and return S_OK, if the information is successfully retrieved. A pbStatus value of VARIANT_FALSE and a return value of S_FALSE indicate that no more data is available.

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 27 methods
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information.
GetFirstAnaesthesiaCodeType Retrieves the first anaesthesia code type information.
GetFirstAnaesthesiaRiskClass Retrieves the first anaesthesia risk class information.
GetFirstChapter Retrieves the first chapter information
GetFirstMechanicCode Retrieves the first utility information
GetFirstQualitativeDignity Retrieves the first qualitative dignity information
GetFirstQualitativeDignitySet Retrieves the first qualitative dignity set information.
GetFirstSection Retrieves the first section information.
GetFirstServiceBlock Retrieves the first service block information.
GetFirstServiceGroup Retrieves the first service group information.
GetFirstServiceObligationCode Retrieves the first service obligation information.
GetFirstServiceType Retrieves the first service type information
GetFirstTimeSpan Retrieves the first time span information.
GetFirstUnit Retrieves the first measurement-unit information.
GetNextAnaesthesiaCodeType Retrieves the next anaesthesia code type information.
GetNextAnaesthesiaRiskClass Retrieves the next anaesthesia risk class information.
GetNextChapter Retrieves the next chapter information
GetNextMechanicCode Retrieves the next utility information
GetNextQualitativeDignity Retrieves the next qualitative dignity information
GetNextQualitativeDignitySet Retrieves the next qualitative dignity set information.
GetNextSection Retrieves the next section information.
GetNextServiceBlock Retrieves the next service block information.
GetNextServiceGroup Retrieves the next service group information.
GetNextServiceObligationCode Retrieves the next service obligation information.
GetNextServiceType Retrieves the next service type information
GetNextTimeSpan Retrieves the next time span information.
GetNextUnit Retrieves the first measurement-unit information.
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