API browser of tarmedValidator100 COM module
Interface version: 1.00
Interface date: 30 Aug 2002

The tarmedValidator is an ATL COM module which provides methods to browse, to query, and to validate records against the Tarmed catalog. space
/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 6 interface
ICatalog catalog functionality
ISearch search functionality
ITarmedInput Input of data
ITarmedValidator database handling and global settings
IUtility Automatic generation of service records
IValidate Validation of service records according to the rules
/images/arrow_right.png Types
type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document General usage of the tarmedValidator100 COM module - an overview
Document What to do in a 64bit environment - is there a 64bit Sumex1 COM dll?
Document How to search for a code and find further related child codes
01.12.03 - Patch Documentation: how to set the TPV for law=KVG|VVG
14.03.05 - Patch Documentation: how to retrieve the group and/or block affiliation of a service
24.06.05 - Patch Documentation: how to retrieve the non-expandable minutes in a code expansion chain
21.03.06 - Patch Documentation: how to retrieve a possible gender relevance of a service
17.01.08 - Patch Documentation: how to filter inclusion services for law and/or gender relevance
25.02.09 - Patch Documentation: how to retrieve gender/group/block affiliation of additional services
08.11.17 - Patch Patches included to the tarmedValidator100 for Tarmed 1.09/1.08.2
23.03.18 - Patch Documentation: how to set the validity barrier between Tarmed 1.08BR and Tarmed 1.09 UV/IV/MV