Patch: how to retrieve the non-expandable minutes in a code expansion chain

Given a base code and the number of minutes the method IUtility::Expand() allows for the expansion into a set of services. However, if the number of minutes are too large for a full expansion under the current rule regime, the minutes are silently reduced. The new patch described here allows to retrieve the non-expanded minutes.

  • append a '#INFO' to the service code: IUtility::Expand("aCode#INFO",...)
    • after the expansion, the IUtility::GetFirstExpandRecord() method returns a hash separated string with the first code and the non-expandlable minutes.
      E.g. expanding code "00.0010#INFO" with 23 min under paper limits returns "00.0010#INFO3" meaning that the first service is 00.010 and an non-expandable fraction of 3 min due to the applicable paper limites.