Patch: how to externally set the validity barrier between Tarmed 1.08BR and Tarmed 1.09 UV/IV/MV

Due to the disagreement between the tariff partners in the social insurance area, Tarmed 1.09 cannot be introduced uniformly as of April 1, 2018. The official date to change from Tarmed 1.08BR to Tarmed 1.09 is removed from the tarmedValidator.
This patch describes how the validity barrier for switching between Tarmed 1.08BR and Tarmed 1.09 can be set externally such as to introduce Tarmed 1.09 UV/IV/MV.
Please note that in case of an invoice generation the validity barrier must be set via the auxilliary interface IGeneralInvoiceRequestManager::ITarmedInput as well in order to delegate the information into the tarmedValidator!