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/images/arrow_right.png IUtility interface V1.00/30 Aug 2002 
The IUtility interface automatically generates a service record for a given code. For example, a record describing a consultation of n minutes will automatically be constructed according to the Tarmed rules. The anaesthesia rules are also covered. space
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Anaesthesia Determines the anaesthesia records corresponding to the specified code
EmergencyAdmission Finds the emergency admission records.
EmergencyInconvenience Finds the emergency inconvenience
Expand Expands the given main code, according to the supplied number and as multiples of the base unit
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information.
GetFirstAnaesthesiaRecord Gets the first anaesthesia record
GetFirstEmergencyAdmissionRecord Gets the first emergency admission record.
GetFirstEmergencyInconvenienceRecord Gets the first emergency inconvenience record.
GetFirstExpandRecord Gets the first expanded record
GetFirstNoneMedicalCareRecord Gets the first non-medical care record.
GetNextAnaesthesiaRecord Gets the next anaesthesia record
GetNextEmergencyAdmissionRecord Gets the next emergency admission record.
GetNextEmergencyInconvenienceRecord Gets the next emergency inconvenience record.
GetNextExpandRecord Gets the next expanded record.
GetNextNoneMedicalCareRecord Gets the next non-medical care record.
InitAnaesthesia Initialize the anaesthesia method
NoneMedicalCare Finds the non-medical care records
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