API browser of tarmedValidator100 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png ITarmedInput interface V1.00/30 Aug 2002 
The ITarmedInput interface provides methods for the input of data which will mainly stay constant for a particular installation of the program, such as the dignities of the physicians, or stay constant throughout a session, such as the patient sex or patient birth date. It is used in conjunction with the IValidate interface. The physician, patient and treatment data are entered via the ITarmedInput interface, then the service data are entered via the IValidate interface. space
/images/arrow_right.png Methods 16 methods
AddDignity Adds the qualitative dignity for the supplied physician EAN number
AddSection Adds the service location section.
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information.
GetFirstDignity Retrieves the first dignity information.
GetFirstSection Retrieves the first section information.
GetNextDignity Retrieves the next dignity information.
GetNextSection Retrieves the next section information.
GetPatient Get the patient input data.
GetPhysician Get the physician input data.
GetTreatment Get the treatment input data.
InitDignity Initializes the dignity-relevant input data.
Initialize Initializes the input data.
InitSection Initializes the section-relevant input data.
SetPatient Set the patient input data.
SetPhysician Set the physician input data.
SetTreatment Set the treatment input data
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 2 properties
[get/put] ExternalFactor_MT Get and set the external scaling factor for the MT services
[get/put] ExternalFactor_TT Get and set the external scaling factor for the MT services