API browser of tarmedValidator100 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png ITarmedInput::ExternalFactor_TT property
Get and set the external scaling factor for the MT services.
A positive external scaling factor f(ex,MT|TT)=number will be interpreted as external scaling factor.
A negative external scaling factor f(ex,MT|TT)= -number will be interpreted as a tax point value (TPV) of type MT|TT and f(ex,MT|TT)=1 is set and used internally and given back as value.
If no external scaling factor is defined, the normal procedure is applied with a default TPV=1.
Since the tax point value (TPV) can not be set with the current interface methods and the publication date of the official TPV table is unclear at the moment, the meaning of the external factors is patched!!
The patch therefore allows for a self declaration system of TPVs.
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ calling syntax
[get] HRESULT ExternalFactor_TT( double *adouble);
[put] HRESULT ExternalFactor_TT( double adouble);
/images/arrow_right.png Calling argument description
[out,retval] double *adouble
[in] double adouble
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ return value
S_OK This value is returned if the function call was successful.
E_name This value is returned if the function call was unsuccessful and an error exception was generated. Note that if you are using SmartPointers an exception is thrown under these conditions.
/images/arrow_right.png Remarks
If SmartPointers are used than the function names and calls are rewritten by Microsoft into the form
  • double *GetExternalFactor_TT(void);
  • void PutExternalFactor_TT( double adouble);