Patch: how to retrieve a possible gender relevance of a service

We received a wish request for providing information about the gender relevance of a service. In order to not change the interface structure, the information is retrieved by patching the ISearch::SearchCode() method.

  • append a '#SEX' to the service code: ISearch::SearchCode("aCode#SEX",enYes)
    • after searching, the ISearch::MechanicCode() property returns a hash separated string with the mechanic code and a possible gender relevance code, where code 0=not relevant; code 1=male only; code 2=female only
      E.g. searching for "00.0150#SEX" returns "01#SEX0" meaning that service 00.0150 has the mechanic code 01 and the gender relevance code is 0 aka (not relevant)