API browser of tarmedValidator100 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png ISearch::MechanicCode property
Mechanic code
To translate the mechanic code into a human readable string, use the ICatalog::GetFirstMechanicCode method.
The returned code might possibly be appened with additional information like the service block, service groupe affilliation and/or gender relevance information when requested in the ISearch::SearchCode or ISearch::SearchAdditionalService methods.
E.g.when search for ISearch::SearchCode("00.0150#SB#SG#SEX",enYes) the code "01#SB01#SG18#SG58#SEX0" is returned, meaning that the service 00.0150
  • has the mechanic code 01
  • is a member of the service block 01
  • belongs to the service groups 18 and 58.
  • has a gender relevance of 0
    where the possible value codes are: 0 == not relevant; 1 == male only; 2 == female only
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ calling syntax
[get] HRESULT MechanicCode( BSTR *aBSTR);
/images/arrow_right.png Calling argument description
[out, retval] BSTR *aBSTR
/images/arrow_right.png C/C++ return value
S_OK This value is returned if the function call was successful.
E_name This value is returned if the function call was unsuccessful and an error exception was generated. Note that if you are using SmartPointers an exception is thrown under these conditions.
/images/arrow_right.png Remarks
If SmartPointers are used than the function names and calls are rewritten by Microsoft into the form
  • BSTR *GetMechanicCode(void);