API browser of tarmedValidator100 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png Builtin, composite & enumeration types V1.00/30 Aug 2002 
The following list shows ans defines all used data types either basic builtin, composite or enumeration types that are used in the interface of the ATL COM module. space
/images/arrow_right.png Data types 26 types
[enumeration] AbortValidateType Enumerates the defined grounds for an aborted validation attempt.
[enumeration] AnaesthesiaCodeType Enumerates the defined anesthesia service code categories.
[enumeration] AnaesthesiaRiskClassType Enumerates the defined anesthesia risk classes.
[enumeration] BillingRoleType Enumerates the defined billing role categories.
[builtin] BSTR A BSTR, known as basic string or binary string, is a pointer to a wide character string used by Automation data manipulation functions
[enumeration] CantonType Enumerates the defined canton categories.
[builtin] DATE A value denoting a date and time was specified
[builtin] double An 8-byte IEEE real value.
[enumeration] EmergencyAdmissionType Enumerates the defined emergency admission categories.
[enumeration] EmergencyType Enumerates the defined emergency service categories.
[builtin] HRESULT The HRESULT data type is a 32-bit value that is used to describe an error or warning.
[builtin] ICatalog ICatalog interface.
[builtin] ISearch ISearch interface.
[builtin] ITarmedInput ITarmedInput interface.
[builtin] IUtility IUtlity interface.
[builtin] IValidate IValidate interface.
[enumeration] LanguageType Enumerates all supported languages.
[enumeration] LawType Enumerates the supported legal ruleset.
[builtin] long A 4-byte integer value.
[enumeration] MedicalRoleType Enumerates the defined medical role categories.
[enumeration] SettlementType Enumerates the defined settlement categories.
[enumeration] SexType Enumerates the defined gender categories.
[enumeration] SideType Enumerates the defined side categories.
[enumeration] TreatmentType Enumerates the top level treatment categories.
[builtin] VARIANT_BOOL A 16 bit Boolean (True/False) value was specified
[enumeration] YesNoType Boolean enumerator.