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/images/arrow_right.png IGeneralFormResult interface V4.30/ 7 Sep 2011 
The IGeneralFormResult interface allows to read back all data that have been set by the IGeneralFormRequest interface, by loading a previously generated XML infoset with the IGeneralFormRequestManger::LoadXML method or by loading a previously populated PDF form with the IGeneralFormRequestManger::LoadPDF. space
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GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetCard Retrieves the patient's insurance card information (might be the patient card later on)
GetFirstAddress Retrieves the first address data from the list of all addresses
GetFirstAllergy Retrieves the first allergy
GetFirstDiagnosis Retrieves the first diagnosis
GetFirstMedication Retrieves the first medication structure
GetFirstNumericResult Retrieves the first numerical result structure
GetFirstTextResult Retrieves the first textual result structure
GetFirstUnemployability Retrieves the first unemployability structure
GetFirstVaccination Retrieves the first vaccination structure
GetForm Retrieves the main form object reference parameters
GetLaw Retrieves the data about the applied law and its dependent information
GetNextAddress Retrieves the next address data from the list of all addresses
GetNextAllergy Retrieves the next allergy
GetNextDiagnosis Retrieves the next diagnosis
GetNextMedication Retrieves the next medication structure
GetNextNumericResult Retrieves the next numerical result structure
GetNextTextResult Retrieves the next textual result structure
GetNextUnemployability Retrieves the next unemployability structure
GetNextVaccination Retrieves the next vaccination structure
GetPackage Retrieves the identification parameters of the main software that used this DLL.
GetPatient Retrieves the primary parameters and structured address of the patient
GetRefObject Retrieves the dependent object reference parameters if any was defined
GetRequest Retrieves the role and place information, the processing parameters "storno" and "copy" besides data language and optional remark.
GetTransport Returns the transport information that is the routing information going from a sender (from) over the first intermediate (via) to the receiver (to)
GetTreatment Retrieves the primary treatment structure data.
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