API browser of hospitalMCDRequest452 COM module

/images/arrow_right.png IHospitalMCDRequest interface V4.52/13 Sep 2019 
With the IHospitalMCDRequest interface all MCD related data can be set by the interface's methods.

Alternatively, the data of a previously generated XML infoset can be loaded with the IHospitalMCDRequestManager::LoadXML method and thereafter these interface methods allow to change the data appropriately.

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 19 methods
AddDiagnosis Adds a diagnosis to the list of diagnoses
AddDocument Attaches a PDF, JPG or PNG document -either inline or online- to the list of documents
AddGrouperRecord Adds a Grouper record to the list of Grouper records
AddMedication Adds a set medication information to the list of medications
AddProcedure Adds a procedure to the list of procedures.
Finalize Finalizes and validates all data set so far in the IHospitalMCDRequest interface
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
Initialize Initializes all input data in the IHospitalMCDRequest interface
SetBiller Sets the biller's various identifiers (GLN, ZSR,...) as well as the structured address
SetGrouperData Sets the grouper relevant global parameters
SetInsurance Sets the insurance's GLN as well as the structured address
SetInvoice Sets the invoice object reference for which the MCD is produced
SetMCD Sets the main MCD object reference that is it uniquely characterizes this XML infoset
SetPackage Defines the identification parameters of the main software.
SetPatient Sets the primary parameters of the patient that are necessary for the DRG grouper.
SetProvider Sets the provider's various identifiers (GLN, ZSR,...) as well as the structured address
SetRequest Defines the processing parameters, namely the "storno" and "copy" status besides an optional remark
SetTransport Sets transport information that is the routing information going from a sender (from) over the first intermediate (via) to the receiver (to)
SetTreatment Sets the basic treatment parameters
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 1 properties
[get] CreateAddress Creates an instance of the IAddress interface