Long-term commitment by suva

The SUMEX1 project is a sweeping joint industry initiative of SUVA. The project provides various middleware ATL COM modules -all based on an open modular architectural blueprint- usable in software of the Swiss healthcare sector. It is the intent of SUVA to help software developers and last but not least the Swiss healthcare providers mastering the complexity of e.g. the TarMed tariff system and easily overcoming the obstacles of the electronic billing.

You may use all Sumex1 COM modules as a part of your software application product free of charge. By using such a COM module there is no necessity to develop validation services, electronic invoicing and OCR-capable printing in your own software application product or other primary services for which the Sumex1 COM module was intended for. These Sumex1 COM modules improve your software application product by performing a higher quality communication between your clients and the health care insurance companies. There is a EULA accompanying each installer of a Sumex1 COM module, that lays the juristic foundation of the usage e.g. the EULA of the tarmedValidator.

SUVA as copyright holder and principal maintainers of the software have the very intention to supply state of the art modules that benefits all partners in the Swiss healthcare sector. You can trust our willingness to keep that project alive - in fact, the past 20 years should be proof enough!

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