The WebstampManager is an optional part of the Sumex 1 installation and provides methods to generate electronic stamps as BMP files suitable to stamp print matters. The Sumex1 credit and invoice managers were updated to optionally process such webstamps via the Print method.

Architectural blueprint

The module is using the Swiss Post's Webstamp service. Although the module is independent of the Sumex1 xmlManager modules, these were updated accordingly to process such webstamp files via the Print method.

As mentioned before, this auxiliary ATL COM module is part of the Sumex1 project but is not directly related to either the validation or XML generation.

Prerequisites for the usage of WebstampManager
  • HTTPS connection to the internet on port 443
  • A valid Webstamp account on the Swiss Post's site that is correctly initialized

Please also have a look at the Important Documents that serves as a jump start and might effect the ease of the implementation.

Keyfacts at a glance

Version 400
Last update:  Thursday, 20 September 2018 - 15:39:01
Module version/date:  4.00.011 20 Sep 2018
Interface version/date: 4.00 9 Oct 2007

API browser

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll. Please note, that this documentation is included in the full installer in form of a .CHM file.

Date Time API version
12.09.17 15:20:32 V4.00: View API browser
12.09.17 15:20:32 V4.00: Download API browser .CHM file

Download area for webstampManager related files

Date Version Description
20.09.18 4.00.011 webstampManager installer with an enforced switch to the internally used webservice V6 protocol
Download webstampManager installer (15.2 MB)
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