generalFormRequest ATL COM module The GeneralFormRequestManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods to generate a PDF based form system. The module provides all the necessary methods to produce a filled out PDF form or a generalFormRequest_450.xsd/generalFormRequest_430.xsd type XML infoset that includes the PDF form itself as Base64 octet stream. Empty PDF form templates from the medForms.ch OID space, previously processed PDF form, or a XML infoset of type generalFormRequest_450.xsd/generalFormRequest_430.xsd can be loaded into the module.

Architectural blueprint

Firstly, a PDF form or XML infoset is loaded with LoadPDF or LoadXML. By using the returned IGeneralFormRequest interface all semantically well-known addresses and structured are queried by the iterator pairs GetFirstAddressRole / GetNextAddressRole and GetFirstStructRole / GetNextStructRole. The data returned from these iterators allows to define the corresponding addresses and structure by using the AddAddress and the various structure methods e.g. AddDiagnosis.

The generalFormRequest system does not endorse a paradigm of «completeness» or «100% preset capability». Therefore, after all semantically well-known information is set the PDF form is finalized by a user-driven review/modification process whereas Acrobat Reader using a preset PDF form does the visualization. This is done automatically when calling the GetPDF or GetXML methods. These methods deliver a final PDF form or XML infoset.

Please also have a look at the Important Documents that serves as a jump start and might effect the ease of the implementation.

Keyfacts at a glance

Version 450
Last update:  Thursday, 4 April 2024 - 14:43:07
Module version/date:  4.50.009 18 Mar 2024
Interface version/date: 4.50 2 Sep 2016
Covering: XML schema 4.50 from 2. Sep. 2016
Version 430
Last update:  Friday, 28 October 2022 - 12:09:26
Module version/date:  4.30.014 28 Oct 2022
Interface version/date: 4.30 7 Sep 2011
Covering: XML schema 4.30 from 7. Sep. 2011

API browser

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll. Please note, that this documentation is included in the full installer in form of a .CHM file.
Date Time API version
04.04.24 14:43:07 V4.50: View API browser
04.04.24 14:43:07 V4.50: Download API browser .CHM file
16.10.17 10:45:08 V4.30: View API browser
16.10.17 10:45:08 V4.30: Download API browser .CHM file

Download area for generalFormRequest related files

The generalFormRequestManager project includes 2 communication channels, namely
  • the COM generalFormRequest dll includes a
    >>> RESTful webservice: outbound communication to medForms.ch - port 80|443
    to check for routing possibilities of certain address roles
  • an automatic form updating mechanism performed by the standalone app
    >>> medformsActualizer.exe: outbound communication to medForms.ch - port 80|443
    If the communication is blocked than outdated forms will result.
    Information about the update process is available at IForms interface
Installation directory:
PDF form directory:
Silent install:
    miscValidatorInstaller.exe /s /v"/quiet INSTALLDIR=\"c:\test\" FORM_TEMPLATES_DIR=\"c:\pdfTemplates\" "
Silent uninstall:
    miscValidatorInstaller.exe /s /v"/quiet REMOVE=ALL INSTALLDIR=\"c:\test\" FORM_TEMPLATES_DIR=\"c:\pdfTemplates\" "
Date Version Description
28.10.22 4.50.007 generalFormRequestManager with bug fixes and the new restserver generalFormRequestManagerServer450 - cf. history
Download generalFormRequestManager installer (17.9 MB)
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Date Version Description
28.10.22 4.30.014 generalFormRequestManager with cumulative updates and improvements - cf. history
Download generalFormRequestManager installer (16.9 MB)
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