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/images/arrow_right.png IStatusResponseManager interface V4.30/26 Aug 2010 
The IStatusResponseManager interface allows to load and analyze a XML infoset of type statusResponse_430. Such an infoset supplies the status of a set of object references that have been sent to an insurance. The type of query objects covers credit, invoice, reminder, and MCD object references.

The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".

To analyze such an infoset, firstly the file is loaded into memory by the LoadXML method. This method -upon successful loading- returns the IStatusResponse interface. Using this interface all data especially the object references enhanced with a processing status can be extracted.

If an insurance decides not to support the statusRequest/statusResponse system then a StatusResponse is returned where each given object reference has a status "unsupported". This status code basically signals that a status system is not implemented!

/images/arrow_right.png Methods 5 methods
GetAbortInfo Get the abort information string with the error coded in the module language
GetLogSettings Get the log settings for the module.
GetXMLInfo Preloads and analyzes a XML infoset regarding the full schema name and version
LoadXML Loads a received XML infoset of type statusRequest_430.xsd into memory for further processing via the returned interface handle.
SetLogSettings Set the log settings for the module
/images/arrow_right.png Properties 3 properties
[get/put] ModuleLanguage Get/Set the language for the module i.e
[get] ModuleVersion Gets the version of the StatusResponseManager module.
[get] ModuleVersionText Get the textual version of the StatusResponseManager module.