General use of the statusResponse ATL COM module

The StatusResponse ATL COM module provides methods to load and analyze XML infosets of type statusResponse_430. Such a XML infoset supplies the processing status of the queried request objects all of them of type credit, invoice, reminder, and/or MCD.
The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".
To get the results of such an infoset, firstly the XML file is loaded into the module by the LoadXML method. Upon successful analyzing the file the method returns a IStatusResponse interface.

All data are returned with the various methods of that interface. E.g. the iterator pair GetFirstQueryObject / GetNextQueryObject returns the reference objects enhanced by a processing status of that object.

If an insurance decides not to support the statusRequest/statusResponse system then a StatusResponse is returned where each given object reference has a status "unsupported". This status code basically signals that a status system is not implemented!

To get a starting point with the statusResponse module there is a Visual Basic code snippet provided that demonstrates the principles for processing status response XML infosets.