API browser of labValidator100 COM module
Interface version: 1.00
Interface date: 30 Aug 2002

The labValidator is an ATL COM module which provides methods to browse, query, and validate service records against the valid lab catalog with tariff number 317 "EAL - Labortarif".
There is a plethora of different service providers - physicians, pharmacists, hospital labs, professional labs and sub variants of these. The rule space for services of chapter D "General Services" as well as the valid service space visible in the ISearch and IValidate interfaces depends on the defined/set provider type. The 'normal' provider types are defined by setting the role and place, where the default is enRolePhysician@enPlacePractice. The set a 'special' provider type a path must be used: how to set a special provider type.
/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 3 interface
ILabValidator database handling and global settings
ISearch search functionality according to the defined provider type
IValidate Validation of service records according to the rules and defined provider type
/images/arrow_right.png Types
type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document General usage of the labValidator100 COM module - an overview
Document What to do in a 64bit environment - is there a 64bit Sumex1 COM dll?
01.07.09 - API Patch setParameter feature of the AddService method for activating/defining special features
01.07.09 - API Patch List of patches that can be used for the new tariff 317
10.12.20 - API Patch How to set a provider type via a patch
10.12.20 - API Patch How to get the currently active provider type
Document labValidatorServer100: Introduction, overview and usage of the Restful Webservice Server