API browser of CareCreditRequest450 COM module
Interface version: 4.50
Interface date: 6 May 2019

The CareCreditRequestManager is an ATL COM module which provides methods to generate nursing care credit requests for all roles and places. Such an care credit object is printed or a XML infoset is produced which can be transported electronically to a recipient. In the latter case the object optionally can be signed and/or encrypted .
Due to the processing attributes "storno" and "copy" a previously generated object can be canceled or a copy can be produced.
The subchapter object reference provides an in-depth description of the concept of "object reference".
/images/arrow_right.png Interfaces 4 interface
IAddress The utility interface IAddress is available for setting and retrieving structured address data.
ICareCreditRequest With the ICareCreditRequest interface all nursing care related data can be set/defined by the interface's methods.
ICareCreditRequestManager The main interface ICareCreditRequestManager -creatable in its own right- provides methods to generate nursing for all roles and places. Furthermore, created XML infosets can be loaded back into memory for further processing.
ICareCreditResult The interface ICareCreditResult allows to read back all data that have been defined with the ICareCreditRequest interface or by loading a previously generated XML infoset.
/images/arrow_right.png Types
type definitions List of all used builtin, composite and enumeration types
/images/arrow_right.png Important documents about the usage and handling
Document General usage of the careCreditRequest450 COM module - an overview
Document What to do in a 64bit environment - is there a 64bit Sumex1 COM dll?
Document Overview of the concept of "Object reference"
Document Notes about the processing attributes
Document Notes about the signature part of the XML infoset
Document Notes about the encryption part of the XML infoset
Document Overview about how to best generate a copy, storno,...
Document How to set the default printer for a care credit request
Document Syntax of the printTemplate variable of the Print method
Document How to print electronic stamps onto a care credit request
Document How to generate a PDF archive file of a care credit request
Document VB/CS code snippet for using the careCreditRequest450 COM module
04.04.2020 - API Patch Documentation: query/check the reachability of a recipient by using medSRS
/images/arrow_right.png Important external documents
CHM File Schema documentation of careCreditRequest_450 in CHM format
ZIP Archive Print template layout & documentation of careCreditRequest_450 in PDF format
ZIP Archive ZIP archive with the careCreditRequest_450.xsd schema and the accompanying auxiliary schema files
ZIP Archive ZIP archive with some XML test files and PDF output files of careCreditRequest450 type